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  • iPhone model
  • Hardware specifications 
  • iPhone color and capacity 
  • Service and repair warranty 

Explore our huge data base and look up with your iPhone imei number or iPhone serial number.

How can i use check IMEI tool?

Step 1: On our Home page tap ( Check your imei / serial ) button.

Step 2: Our system will validate your IMEI , afterward we will look up your IMEI.

Step 3: A pop up will show up and provides the following information

  1. iPhone model
  2. iPhone dimension ( Height x Width x Depth ) in mile meter
  3. iPhone weight including the battery in gram 
  4. iPhone RAM type  and capacity
  5. CPU model and motion processor 
  6. Screen size and specifications
  7. Front and rear camera specification 
  8. iPhone model ( printed on the device back )

I need to check my iPhone Warranty.

Here our Free imei check tool will also allow you to look up with your iPhone serial number.

What i got if i look up with my serial number?

Check imei provides set of motivating information such as 

  1. iPhone Color
  2. iPhone memory capacity 
  3. Manufacturing date
  4. Manufacturing factory
  5. iPhone Age
  6. Technical support status
  7.  Repair and service 

What is iPhone IMEI and how can i got my imei number ?

The International Mobile Station Equipment Identity or IMEI is 15 digit number and it is unique number for any iOS device.

You will find your iPhone IMEI number printed on your iPhone device back or engraved on the original Sim card tray ( may be you are using a replaced sim tray ).

Generally if you dial *#06#, your iPhone will show up the IMEI number - more information you can find here.

How can i got my iPhone serial number ? 

Simply flip the setting app in your iPhone ----- >  General ----- > About , then scroll down you will find your iPhone serial.

More information how to find your iPhone serial here.