iPhone IMEI Unlock

How to Get your iPhone serial number?

Serial number is 12 character composed of digits and letters, it is unique and used to identify your iOS device 

First: If you can open your iOS device

  • From settings App.

goes to settings ----> general ----> About.

Scroll down you will find your

serial Number              XXXXXXXXXXXX

Watch the video


  • Using iTunes.

Connect your IOS device to your computer if iTunes didn’t launch automatically then open it now locate your iPhone and click the summary tap


how to get your iPhone IMEI from iTunes


Second: If you can't open your iOS device 

  • From the original device packing

Check your original iOS device packing and locate the barcode, your Serial number is printed there 

how to get your iPhone IMEI from barcode


  • Serial number is Engraved on the Sim card tray for the following models 

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3G

iPhone 4( GSM model )

iPhone 4S


                  how to get your iPhone IMEI and serial number from sim card tray                            




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    Nov 05, 2016 • Posted by Kenneth

    I have a US spec iphone 5S. How much do you charge for unlocking for Singapore usage. Thanks

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