How Does iPhone imei Unlock Work

by iunlock on June 2, 2013

How Does iPhone imei Unlock Work ? a newbie iPhone users will ask how IMEI Unlock work in a simple words we will Guide you Step by step what shall you do, Just tak a look below.

How Does iPhone imei Unlock Work

Having made payment, we process your IMEI within Apple’s iTunes database by marking it as unlocked, and then email you when its done.

You then just plug your iPhone into iTunes, and you’re unlocked – allowing you to use your iPhone on any GSM network worldwide without fear of it ever re-locking. This is a permanent and official solution which obviously will not void your warranty, will not require a jailbreak, and is permanent.

How Does iPhone IMEI Unlock Work?

  • First you need to Submit the IMEI of your iPhone to the service provider or the network operator to which it is locked.
  • Wait for the requested time to get an activation email confirmation.
  • After the email confirmation is received just follow the below steps :
    • Insert any SIM card of your choice in your iPhone
    • Connect your iPhones to the computer and launch iTunes
    • Make sure that your iPhone is running the latest iOS, if not press “Update” to get the latest firmware.
  • Wait until iTunes detect your iPhone, and once detected it shows “Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.


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